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Get Funky & Physical with Amaven's Festive PE Games!

Hand Holding a Carrot

We made it! The calendar finally says December. Whether you love or loathe the Christmas countdown, there's no escaping it now. For teachers, the last few weeks of term are both hectic and electric. There's lots to do before kids break for the holidays, but the atmosphere is fun and festive.

There are benefits to relaxing the rules as Christmas approaches. Watching movies, doing arts and crafts and being a bit silly together is a nice way to end the year. But don't forget, pupils should still be active. Even if it's jolly japes and jests in class, they need at least two hours of structured physical activity per week.

The good news is, there's no limit to how fun PE can be! Try our festive games for a little inspiration:

The Kooky Carrot Chuck

It's Christmas Eve and Santa's reindeer have flown thousands of miles. They're tired and hungry, so they've stopped at your school for a snack. Can you get enough carrots to the reindeer to fill their bellies and help them fly?

Give every child a carrot (yes, a real one). The aim of the game is to get your carrots to the hungry reindeer (a target like a bucket, hoop or chalk circle). The further back you stand and the smaller your target, the harder the challenge.

When pupils get a carrot in the target, they should perform a celebratory dance. When everybody's carrots are in the target, jog a lap of the hall together. Look to the sky, wave the reindeer off and call out 'Good luck reindeer!'

The Silly Stocking Relay

For this game, you need two festive stockings, two bowls, two spoons and lots of marbles, jacks, beads, buttons (or any other small, round item). Hang the stockings at one side of the room. Place the bowls on a table at the other side.

Split the class into two teams. The object of the game is to scoop up the 'gifts' with the spoon and carry them to the stocking. The team with the most in their stocking after five minutes wins. Pupils should take turns, running back to hand the spoon to a teammate.

The Excellent Elf Express

Split pupils into small teams (groups of 4 or 5). If you've got plenty of space and enough hula hoops, every child can stand in their own circle. The hoops should line up one behind the other, with edges touching. If you run out of hoops, ask some pupils to team up.

The hoops are your sleds. And your pupils are elves trying to get home for Christmas. Home is at the far side of the hall, but they must not leave the sled. Figure out a way to travel across the room without stepping outside the circles.

You can make this game more challenging by adding a pick up or drop off rule. Pupils must travel in the same way, but they have to drop off or collect toys (beanbags) this time. For an even bigger challenge, use balls or balloons.