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PE CPD: Develop the confidence to make a real difference

Child in a P.E class

More and more emphasis is being placed on PE in schools, as a result of Britain’s obesity crisis. Campaigners are pushing for teachers to educate children from an early age about their health and wellbeing, through physical literacy programmes, with the hope that children will carry positive habits into their adult life.

Providing the resources for high quality PE provision

Amaven provides CPD training for teachers and school sports co-ordinators so that they may deliver PE lessons with confidence and competence. Our system is designed to help your school become more independent when it comes to the delivery of high quality PE, our trainers can help you to ‘bed’ the system in to your schools over the first 6 weeks. By using our resources, you will see a significant improvement in your pupil’s ability and achievement. In addition, Amaven has all the tools you need to track, monitor & report your pupil’s progress.

The Government has committed additional funding for schools to improve their pupil’s physical ability. This funding (named Sports Premium) has been largely used by schools to train staff members as PE specialists, with positive results for pupils. However schools should be taking the extra steps of not just improving pupil’s physical abilities, but monitoring and reporting the impact of the Sports Premium funding.

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