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Youth sports hydration guide

boy holding water bottle

Did you know that the amount of water you drink before an intense activity can affect your performance?  Hydration is vital for athletes of all ages, but 75% of young players and teens turn up to activities dehydrated. This could lead to exhaustion, dizziness and headaches, as well as affecting concentration and ability to perform optimally. 

This handy infographic by Cisco Athletic demonstrates the adverse effects of not drinking enough water and how much water young athletes should be drinking before a game.

This Youth Sports Hydration Guide was provided by Cisco Athletic

Add some squash

If the taste of water gets repetitive, you could always add in some sugar-free squash to make it more interesting. 

Carry a large bottle around

Fill up a large water bottle to carry around during the day. Chances are, kids will drink lots of water simply because it’s there.  

Fill it with ice

Having an ice-cold drink during summer is heavenly. Fill a bottle up with water, put it in the freezer overnight and enjoy an icey treat the next day. 

Add fruit

Spice up water by adding fresh fruit instead of sugar-free squash, mix it up with different berries or tangy lemons. 

Eat lots of veggies 

Food actually provides 20% of your recommended daily intake of water, according to the Institute of Medicine. Celery, watermelon, cucumber and broccoli are all foods that contain high amounts of water. 

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