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Need to Evidence PE Spending? Use Amaven's Impact Reports!

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As primary schools already know, PE and Sport Premium will continue in 2020 with no major changes to funding conditions. The only notable difference is a change to the submission deadline for evidencing reports. Primary schools now have until July 31st to publicise investments and evidence the impact of their spend.

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The PE and Sport Premium gives schools more than cash. With proper evidencing, it becomes easier to identify when PE teaching excels, meets targets or falls short of curriculum requirements. The accountability of reporting systems arms governors, teachers and assistants with the knowledge and tools to invest wisely. The more schools know, the easier it is to grow. 

The Benefits of PE Impact Reports from Amaven

Our Healthy Schools Programme facilitates year round evidencing. Members get access to a comprehensive suite of tools designed for improving physical literacy and motor skills development. It's about more than ticking the boxes for funding. The Healthy Schools Programme is an effective way to evidence the impact of your PE and sports provisions.

As schools use the Healthy Schools Programme, pupil grades and scores get added to a custom portal. From this interactive platform, it's easy to convert performance in PE and sports into actionable Impact Reports. These reports provide comprehensive accounts of whole school, class and individual progress and attainment.

How to Use Our Impact Reports for Evidencing

By July 31st, all primary schools in receipt of the premium must publish a spending report on their website. Government regulators audit a percentage of these reports. Schools are required to consider and reference 5 Key Performance Indicators outlined by Public Health England.

Read our blog for tips on what to include in your school's July submission

1. Get Ahead of the Game

The July reporting submission is compulsory for all funded schools. Yet, it's not the only reason to start tracking the impact of PE and sports. Our Impact Reports are available all year round and can be used, at any time, to inform decisions on teaching, training, provisions and more.

If you consistently monitor performance, everything you need for evidencing is already available to you.

2. Include Descriptive Data

It's important to back up your school’s investments with hard data (scores, grades, stats and other results). Yet, don't forget the most effective spending reports offer more than dry statistics (which are great for justifying purchases but not ideal for fully demonstrating their impact).

We encourage schools to include descriptive content generated by surveys and quizzes.

3. Use a Clear Rating System

Many schools use what’s known as a ‘RAG’ system (Red, Green, Amber) to categorise pupil results. The Healthy Schools Programme offers a variation of this - Emerging, Expected and Exceeding. It's a system that can be used to demonstrate how a pupil, class, or year group is progressing. The Impact Report tool categorises movement skills as below average (emerging), on target (expected), or above average (exceeding).

You can use these scores to demonstrate the impact of your PE purchases.

4. Evidence Smarter, Not Harder

When we tell schools not to sweat the small stuff, we want them to remember what's important. Yes, evidencing is a mandatory requirement for the PE and Sport Premium. However, it's an administrative process. What really makes a difference to pupils' health and wellbeing is smart, impactful spending. So, let our Impact Reports cross the t's and dot the i's while you spend more time planning, measuring and implementing.

Our Impact Reports come prefilled with useful insights collected from PE and sports performance data on your portal. Upload them direct to your website. Or, add your own details and comments. 

5. Start Improving Today 

The first step is to create a baseline for the physical literacy and motor skills development of your pupils. Then, you can conduct further assessments and make comparisons to prove pupils are meeting or exceeding curriculum expectations.

Members of our Healthy Schools Programme are entitled to a FREE Wellness Kickstart Day to help them assess pupils and generate a baseline via supervised PE games and wellness activities. Click here to learn more about Wellness Kickstart Day.