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Scientists Say Physical Literacy is the Secret to a Bigger, Better Brain

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They say the brain is like a muscle. If it doesn’t get a regular workout, it starts to slow down. There are endless tools for intellectual stretching – crosswords, sudoku, riddles, and puzzles – but we rarely consider the impact of physical exercise.  

Yet, scientists claim regular movement is hugely beneficial. It’s particularly valuable in childhood because the mind is still growing. By developing a high level of physical literacy at school, students actively improve their brains.

The Best Way to Grow Your Grey Matter

According to a study from the University of Granada, physical literacy is not just desirable, it is essential for learning. Among a group of 8-11-year olds, scientists found more grey matter in those who exercised regularly. They had bigger, more active brains.

Tests results showed increased activity in nine areas. They include the premotor cortex which is vital for learning, socialising and physical coordination. The hippocampus was also more impressive, leading to increased focus and a better memory.

The implications for early development are huge because the study proves academic education and sports in schools are one and the same. Kids need more than history and science lessons. They need to be running, jumping, skipping, and climbing.

They need to be active.

Taking Steps to Improve Physical Literacy  

Schools have a responsibility to give students a good physical education. Thirty years ago, a weekly PE lesson was enough. Today, children are leading increasingly sedentary lives. They’re spending nights in front of the TV. They’re playing video games. They’re chatting on mobile phones.

So, it’s time for educators to step up their game. Just five minutes of exercise per day is enough to increase concentration, improve behaviour, and enhance academic performance. It really is that simple. If it sounds too good to be true, why not put it to the test?

Developing Exercise for Kids with Amaven

Amaven works with schools in the UK to improve physical literacy. Our unique sports software creates a detailed picture of fitness levels in every classroom. Together with onsite coaching, it promises to make physical education simple and effective.

We challenge your school to a week of daily exercises. With our Movement of the Day, the schedule is already set up and ready to go. Every week, Amaven delivers a complete fitness plan, with activities for Monday to Friday.

There’s no better way to start the school day.    

To find out more about the Healthy Schools programme from Amaven, get in touch. You can call us directly on 0161 300 9712. Or, drop us a message at info@amaven.co.uk.

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