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How to become Stronger!

Are you strong enough?

Developing our strength is fundamental when wanting to improve other elements such as power, agility and speed. Strength is also important when playing most sports, take football for example, you need to protect the ball, balance when receiving or striking the ball and also protect our body from getting injured.

What is strength?

Maximum strength can be defined as the maximum amount of force that can be generated within a muscle or group of muscles during a single contraction. This definition is fine, and universally accepted, however, when applying strength training to young athletes we should view strength as a skill too.

The skill of being strong.

All movements require a level of strength or force production, from walking, running, jumping, dancing and specific sporting skills. Pre-peak height velocity, as young athletes do not have the relative hormonal production to increase muscle mass, the body goes through a period of learning on how to generate strength/force via the nervous recruiting and organising muscle fibres. This is collectively known as neuromuscular and neuromuscular adaptations.

Neuromuscular adaptations allow for an increase in strength/force production without an increase in muscle mass. Therefore, giving young footballers the opportunity to explore different activities from free-play, dancing, yoga and bodyweight movements, along with sporting drills, these will all drive essential neuromuscular adaptations.



How to become stronger!

It is extremely common for young footballers to use their sport as their training. Remember, a long-term athletic development programme is developing young athletes over a relatively long period of time, and it’s the accumulation of training which is arguable the most important factor (sometimes referred to as training age). Research has shown that if strength training in young athletes stops, the young athlete’s strength levels start to decline, even if the young athlete continues playing their sport. Interestingly, the decline in strength levels quickly revert back to pretraining levels within 8 weeks (think about the pause on Grassroots Football due to lockdown)

How to train

For boys up to the age of 10 (and girls at 9) most adaptations will be from the nervous system recruiting, organising and changing firing patterns to generate strength. This can be achieved through a multi-sport/multi-activity approach. Taking part in in the following activities will support with strength development:

So maybe think about how you can vary your weekly training sessions!

As the young athletes learn and develop (through post-peak height velocity – usually post 10 for boys and 9 for girls) the body requires a new level of training to further develop strength. Adding external resistance, as this stimulates further neuromuscular adaptations, allow specific hormones to help the nerves increase force/strength levels through activities such as:

  • Movement skills
  • Body Weight Exercises
  • Medicine Ball and Kettlebell Work Outs
  • Plyometrics
  • Sport Skills


We provide Neuromuscular Playlists for you

The Total Sport App can provide athletes, coaches and clubs with the activities that they need to be able to develop strength in their players. As we understand that time is tight for all coaches, our app gives players specialist coaching at home, allowing you to concentrate on specific development during sessions.

As strength training is mostly due to neuromuscular adaptations within players, the importance of variation in activities and drills cannot be overemphasised. To allow each player to explore different activities, each player receives a playlist of activities relative to their development.

Early on, pre-peak height velocity, the activities are based on the movement skills, learning dance patterns, bodyweight and yoga type postures.

Post-Peak Heigh Velocity further activities that include increased resistance will be introduced.

If you would like more information on Strength, check out our Streangth & Conditioning and Sports Apps below, or contact us to see how we can help support you, your players and your club.


Want to become a better Athlete? 

Our Sports Apps below can help

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Improve Fitness and Develop Sports Skills

The Total Sport App allows children to access fun and exciting activities that will help improve fitness, develop sports skills and increase confidence.

  • Develop Fundamental Movement Skills, such as Agility, Balance and Coordination
  • Learn new sports skills, dance and yoga
  • Improve overall wellbeing and fitness
  • Understand emotional wellbeing


The Total Sport App is completely branded to you school and fully maintained by us. We provide new drills each week to improve Speed, Strength, Power, Agility and Endurance, and provide long-term support for parents and players via training session developed by our experienced team of experts

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Our Total S&C platform helps coaches to deliver a LTAD and S&C programme efficiently to a large number of athletes across all age groups playing different sports.


Our Strength & Conditioning platform consists of a Portal for the coaching team, enabling them to modify training sessions, monitor players training history, input test results and identify players who are sports ready. The athletes are provided their own S&C Player App which allows them to take control of their own training, self-test, log exercise history and track progress.

We get athletes sport ready. We reduce overuse injuries and burn out. We help to develop independent and healthy athletes.

  • Automated session generator saves time
  • Monitor athlete adherence and progress
  • Online management portal for coaches
  • Training App for all athletes
  • Testing and profiling to identify sport readiness


TF App

The Total Football App, is designed to support players of all ages and skill levels. It is the only Football Coaching App that integrates 5 phases of skill acquisition and long-term athletic development, meaning that all sessions and activities are designed to meet your current skill level whether you are just starting out, or are an experienced academy player. All our turning sessions are designed by UEFA Qualified Coaches and are supported by further sessions in:

Ensuring that players aren’t just practicing but are practicing with the highest quality. We also have a range of physical development practices, healthy lifestyle sessions, and psychological tips to help develop the total footballer. If your child needs help developing their turning, or any part of their game, you can try the app for free now!

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