Upskill Teachers Online CPD

Amaven offers ongoing progression for teachers, by upskilling them to confidently deliver outstanding PE while simultaneously continuing their own professional development (online CPD). 

Although many schools are using their UK Sports Premium funding to hire PE specialists, Amaven’s CPD online training equips teachers with the expertise to be consistently outstanding in PE. Training is simple to do and can be completed before or after school as part of ongoing professional development. 

Amaven gives teachers the tools to coach pupils through the skills required to surpass the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. Using video-based lesson plans that focus on the fundamental movement skills, and agility, balance and coordination, teachers can instruct pupils and deliver exceptional PE lessons. 

Schools will have complete and constant support via the Amaven system, should they need additional help. Once a term, Amaven coaches will also visit your school to provide guidance for teachers and conduct the pupil assessments. 

The assessment data demonstrates that pupil’s progress and can be used to examine improvement at a year, class or pupil level. This makes it simple and easy for teachers to track progress and ensure that students are meeting the National Curriculum for PE. 

Amaven also gives every school an Impact statement which details how your school is improving across different fitness components. The high-quality report is produced by Amaven every quarter and is available to download as a PDF and send it to Ofsted to evidence Sport Premium funding. 

To learn more about upskilling teachers, please contact a member of our team on 0161 300 9172  or email

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