What is physical literacy?

Physical literacy, put simply, is the knowledge, competence and motivation to make healthy choices and understand the importance of being active. An active lifestyle is crucial to a long and healthy life, so teaching children the importance of physical literacy at an early age is very important.

When children learn to read they start off with simple words. Similarly when learning physical skills, we start with simple acts: running, jumping and how to throw etc. Just as children learn to create sentences from those simple words, they also link actions together to create movements like riding a bike, swimming or hitting a ball. We believe that physical education should go beyond movement skills or fitness, and enable children to become physically literate and active for life. 

Teachers and parents can influence a developing child’s level of physical literacy from an early age by assessing and benchmarking key components of physical literacy, including movement skills, physical fitness, understanding and participation levels. This starting point identifies areas that the child could improve upon, and then an appropriate activity programs can focuses on these areas and help the child improve. With regular assessments, you can track the progress made and evidence the impact the programs are delivering on the health and fitness of each child. 

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