Healthy Hydration

We all understand the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated throughout the day.View more >

Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental Movement Skills are building blocks for the physical actions children perform throughout their lives.View more >

The Jump Challenge

Jumping is a Fundamental Movement Skill that strengthen all of the body's major muscle groups.View more >

Walking to School

Walking to school is one of the simplest and most rewarding ways for children to get active.View more >

Early Years (EYFS PE)

Start embedding healthy active lifestyles at the earliest opportunity with our crosscurricular EYFS PE Lesson Plans.View more >

Goal Setting and Success

Goal setting develops a sense of purpose which is integral to children's self-image and ambition.View more >

Healthy Lunches

A nutritious lunch is vital for children because it's the best way to ensure energy and engagement in every lesson.View more >

Bullying Awareness

Bullying is a sensitive topic but awareness is key to preventing harmful relationships in school.View more >

Activate Your Lessons 3

Children's bodies are designed to be active. Their brains perform most efficiently and capably when they are in motion.View more >