Parental Engagment

A parent's active interest in their child's education is an invaluable source of support, however few parents are given the incentive to invest in the development of their child's physical literacy. While most schools now enforce strict healthy eating policies, these principles aren't always reflected at home. If children return to the influence of negative lifestyle habits at the end of the day, it risks undoing the positives they've learned from the school environment.

Amaven invites parents to positively influence children's health and wellbeing with homework and progress reports designed to address weaknesses pupils could be exhibiting which they can work on at home. The reports, which feature key information around a child's progress and future actions, can be shared and accessed regularly to keep parents informed about their children's progress.

To combat the increasing childhood obesity crisis in Britain, parent engagement must be a part of every school’s healthy eating and PE policy. 

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