Physical literacy in PE

Amaven is changing the face of physical education in the UK by going beyond the traditional PE model of fragmented lessons. Physical literacy - the knowledge and skills to be physically active - should be a core ingredient of PE lessons. 

Our programmes, designed by sport, PE and health professionals outstanding in their field, helps teachers and parents support the motivation, confidence and physical competence in children to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Amaven offers progressive lesson plans for each class year, providing intelligence at a pupil, class, year and even school level. Teachers and parents can access pupil’s health and wellbeing stats, giving full visibility to everybody involved in the child's health and wellbeing.

Disconnected PE lessons don't currently follow a principle of continuous measurement. Amaven tracks progress throughout the pupil's school life. Pupils are awarded health and wellbeing points based on their activity levels and attainment, allowing teachers and parents to identify children who are in need of extra help. Conversely, it also identifies children who are excelling in specific sports who can be channeled into talent pathways. 

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