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Active Summer Holidays

Over the past few weeks, we have detailed why it is so important that PE and School Sport continues to be delivered, despite the challenges that social distancing and increased safety pose..  

We are delighted that the government obviously shares our thoughts and there was finally good news last week regarding the PE and School Sports Premium Fund, finally allowing schools to effectively plan how they are going to continue to develop the health, fitness, skills and opportunities for all children in regards to PE, School Sport and Physical Activity.  

However, as schools plan to get their activity levels up, and children are now finally returning to school after lockdown, the summer holidays are upon us.  

The summer holidays are, for many, a time of fun and games, however for others, the break from school and the change of routine can prove challenging, this combined with the impact that Covid-19  has had on the mental health and wellbeing of our children, is it worrying to many.  

To try and combat this issue, and to keep everyone’s activity levels high, we have provided some ideas for the summer holidays, and we are introducing our summer challenges - PRE-SEASON AT HOME



    Walking, Running and Cycling can improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health, it improves your mood and reduces stress and anxiety. It is also a lovely thing to do together as a family, and is free to do! There are so many apps to see how far you have travelled and where you have been it also allows you to get your own challenges.

    Joining a club, or going to a childcare setting is a great way to meet new friends and to be active. Due to the impact of Covid, these clubs have reopened just in time, we think these are a great way to spend the summer.

    Outdoor pools have just reopened and indoor pools reopen in England at the end of July. Swimming is a lot of fun and is great for your overall fitness, and is a valuable life skill. Swimming once a week over the summer could have hugh health benefits.

    Gardening and tending to plants and vegetables provides a light work out bit is fantastic to spend time outdoors in nature. If you have not got an outdoor space, that’s ok, why not try to grow your own potted plants?

    You could invent your own treasure hunt for your friends and family, or one of our favourites is an app called treasure trails, it provides clues in areas all over the world and is a great way of finding out a bit more about different places. We bet there is a treasure hunt by you, wherever you are.

    If you can, visit a member of your family or friends as often as possible. Its been a lonely few months for many, why not spend the summer holidays reconnecting with each other (Remember to follow government guidelines)

    Read a book or do some online research to learn a new skill. We recommend leaning to juggle with three or more balls, great for hand eye coordination, and strangely addictive when you get going!

    Our Young Champions app provides most of the above (in one) and best of all its free of charge!! We have committed to ensuring these resources are free until the start of the new school year and gives children lots of games and activities to improve Sport Skills, Fitness, Overall Health and Wellbeing. It’s like having a coach, a run, a new skill in the palm of your hand, and its been designed so you don’t need lots of space or equipment! Find out more here



To further support you throughout the summer holidays, from next week, we will be launching our PRE-SEASON AT HOME campaign.

As many children have missed out on PE and their favourite sports clubs over the past few months, we thought we would help prepare you for your return to sport and activity.

Each week, from next week, we will be introducing you to a challenge, this will be around a sporting need, e.g. Skill, Agility, Speed, Strength etc, and we would love to see how you get on. As each new challenge is realised, you will be supported by our expert coaches in detailing the importance of each component of fitness for sport – and remember the activities of how to improve will all be in your Young Champions app, sign up for FREE or log in below.

We look forward to setting your first challenge next week!

Finally, remember to be as active as you can during the summer holidays, it will help keep you happy!!! 


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