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Take The Amaven Olympics Challenge!

Over the last few weeks, we have been caught up the festivals of sport that are being broadcast all over the world, from the European Championships to the Copa America!

If Football isn’t for you, Wimbledon is back after missing last year due to Covid!

Watching the very best in the world demonstrate their craft is quite inspirational and just as we thought it couldn’t get any better, we remember it's Olympic Year too!

The belated Tokyo Olympic Games is due to start on July 23rd and will run through to the 8th August hosting athletes from all four corners of the globe, coming together to compete against each other across a huge range of sports.

For many Athletes, the Olympics is the pinnacle of their career with many other competitions acting as a warmup for the main event; but what makes the Olympics special, is the Olympic Spirit and what the Olympics really stand for.


The Olympic Values

Pierre de Coubertin was one of the founding members of the Olympics, he was convinced that sport could be highly beneficial, not just for health (both physical and mental), but also for community life. To achieve this, Olympism had to be more than just sport, it also needed to promote certain fundamental values:

EXCELLENCE: Athletes must seek to both give and do their best. The aim is not just to win, but above all to improve.

FRIENDSHIP: This is indispensable for promoting harmony and understanding between people.

RESPECT: As all people are equal, everyone is entitled to respect.


The Paralympic Values

The Paralympic movement adds another 4 values to the overall Olympic Movement, which explains why these values are often found together. These values include;

COURAGE: It encompasses the unique spirit of the Paralympic athlete who seeks to accomplish what the general public deems unexpected, but what the athlete knows as a truth.

DETERMINATION: The manifestation of the idea that Paralympic athletes push their physical ability to the absolute limit.

INSPIRATION: When intense and personal affection is begotten from the stories and accomplishments of Paralympic athletes, and the effect is applying this spirit to one's personal life.

EQUALITY: Paralympic Sport acts as an agent for change to break down social barriers of discrimination for persons with an impairment.

These values are not just important for Sport, they are important for life and the Olympics gives teachers, parents and children the opportunity to reflect on these values, learn about them and implement them in their day-to-day life.

By harnessing the Values of the Paralympics it also encourages children to see the world through a different set of eyes, giving them a new found appreciation and respect for the abilities and disabilities of others.


Olympic Graphic


Your Challenge

We have added a new resource to the Teacher Resources section of our school portal that will support your delivery of this challenge…. But, in celebration of this summer’s Olympic Games, we are challenging you to run your own Olympics with your class or your school.

Throughout the month of July, each time you run a PE lesson, allow the children to just play! Each lesson will have a new sport to try. With each sport, we have assigned a Olympic or Paralympic Value, this will provide the children with the opportunity to learn about these values, put them into practice and to have open conversations with their teachers and peers.

Give it a go, the children will love it, you could even make it semi competitive and have winning teams or individuals at the end of each lesson. It also works very well for teachers providing a fun challenge for the excited children in the final few weeks of the year whilst giving good observation time and chances to hold deeper conversations with pupils whilst exploring some cross curricular links.

An example structure can be found below;


Golf is a game of precision, you need to be accurate and consistent, excellent performance is key to success.

Ask the children to set up their own golf holes. You will need a start point and a target, you may want to make it harder by encouraging children to make them longer, with different or changes of direction and obstacles on each hole. Children try to get the ball to the target in as few shots as possible.

This is about the children trying something new, but doing it to the best of their ability.


Any team sport is suitable for today, or you may want to use a mix of sports. Team sports in primary school can often become overly competitive if not managed correctly. So we are suggesting today you play your competition with a twist.

If a team wins their game, their team will receive 3 points (2 for a draw and 1 for a loss), however we are suggesting that the team that behaves and acts most like a team, showing good friendship receive 5 points. You may also choose to give out bonus points for encouraging and inclusive behaviour from the children.


Fencing, as a sport is all about etiquette. It is a sport of manners. You salute before you duel, there are rights of priority to consider, respect is at the core of the sport.

We appreciate that not all schools will possess fencing equipment, but you may be able to use swimming noodles and you can always play a tag alternative.

Remember, the Amaven Olympics is about giving children the opportunity to try new things and learn about (and display) the Olympic Values. To find out more about fencing, check out this link.


Trying something new takes lots of courage. For many Paralympians this is definitely the case as many have a number of personal barriers to overcome before they start training for their sport.

Sitting Volleyball is a great example of this and an easy activity to give to the children.

Simply split the class into 6 teams, mark out 3 small courts, place a small were the net would normally go and encourage the children to play normal volleyball, but in a sitting position.

Give it a go, it's harder than you think!


There are many, safe, archery boards available however if you do not have access to this equipment, a series of target practice games will do the trick!

Simply ask the children to take part in a target practice competition and play!

Encourage all the children to get as many points as they can, but try to set each child an individualised challenge that is attainable, but will push them. How determined can the children be to succeed…. Frustration will only lower performance, the trick is to stay calm and work hard!


We have always found the ability of Blind Footballers to be incredible. If you have some blindfolds and a ball with a bell, you can give it a go, if not, try and take some blindfold penalties, it’s a great activity to provide the children with an empathetic experience.

This video with David Beckham will show you all you need to know! You can show this to the children, ask the children to pay special attention to the information given  during the game, the other types of communication and the need for listening skills. 


Boccia is very similar to bowls! However, to participate you must be sitting down. This allows an even playing field for all participants, but players can choose to throw, roll, push or kick the boccia balls to get them close to the jack. Should you not have enough boccia equipment, or mini balls, you can use beanbags.

Encourage the children to play in small teams and against all members of the class.

For more information visit Boccia England.

Good luck and have fun! We know the children will love the games and it is a great way to lead up to the Olympics in a few weeks time.



The Overall Motto of the Olympic Games is ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius!’ This means ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger.’

Being able to achieve progression in these areas takes time and effort. It is why the chief medical officer continues to talk about 60 active minutes every day, not only can it help create healthy adults, but it can support the development of athletes and skill.

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